Wednesday, 21 February 2007

DezChutney Studios

All the freelance work that I do is under my company name, DezChutney Studios. My goal is to blend the coolest from the east and hottest from the west.
I founded it is 1998. In July 2011 there was a lot going on in my life so I did not realize that I was up for renewal and some chinese company took over my name. So I decided, forget about a website, that is so 90's let's just create a blog.

Here are some samples of my work from DezChutney Studios-

Logo studies for Mash-Up Conference for client YPulse

 FInal Logo

Arangetram is a dance performance led by the student as a blessing from the teacher after he/she has completed a rigorous dance education. Here are a few design options-

Final Design

Design Option 1

Design Option 2

Inside design option in all color

Final inside design

Final Poster Design for Documentary Film Runners High

Design option

Invitation Card Design options for Peninsula Jewish Community Center's Fashion Show

Design option 1

Design option 2

Design option 3

Book Cover Design for David Siegel's book, Secrets of Successful Websites

Wedding Card Design for a couple that had known each other since childhood and were finally getting married. The design comprises of one hand from the bride and groom forming a heart.

Logo Design for Movie Lotto Land

Logo Design options for an online beauty site, Bath, Body & Soul

Logo Design options for a Los Angeles based movie company Diorama

Final Design

Logo options

Antz the movie website design for PDI/DreamWorks