Friday, 4 October 2013



October 2012- to present- Design and UI Consultant, BlogHer Inc.
Since May 2, 2013 I have moved to the UI department and I'm working directly with the CEO and VP of Technology on a major creative initiative.
Managed the Design Department. Created strategies to streamline interactions between all departments with the Design Group. Applied new processes to handle projects for our bi-coastal offices. (Consultant)

2011- to present- Freelance Designer for Wham!x Inc
Created Logo and identity for the company. Concept designer for the app La Luna that launched September 2013 from Disney/Pixar.

2008- to June 2013- Instructor, Graduate New Media Department, Academy of Arts, SF
Teach Graduate New Media classes in Balancing Creativity and Profitability, Principles of Usability, and Portfolio Review.

2011- to present- Freelance designer for Film, Wisdom Tree
Creating Marketing promotions for the film. Created prop designs for the movie which is yet to be released in 2013-14.

June 2008 to Present Founder, Kids&Art
Kids & Art teams up families touched by cancer with local artists. Together they create art which is later auctioned, empowering them to raise funds in support of ongoing research that will lead to a more holistic way of treating the whole child.
Since 2008 we have expanded our program to include art for caregivers, bereaved families, and soon we will start working with families in hospice care as well.

Feb '98 to 2009- Creative Director/Owner,
Designed logo of BlogHer, Strategic Designer for FoundHealth, MashUp and, Shutterfly DVD collection, EyeThink Pictures,, Organic Inc.,,, Productopia Inc. Worked on brand Identity and movie posters for LA based Independent Filmmakers and movie site for Dreamworks feature Antz. Managed all projects from initial pitch to final completion, including hiring and managing freelance production staff as necessary.

April ‘05 to Nov '05- Creative Director, MediaZone Inc.
Mediazone is a pay-per-view portal for online video, internet TV and live sports events.
Formed a design division that served the creative needs of the entire company, including working with the CEO on identity, the live portal, major print campaigns, marketing design and the intranet. Since MediaZone’s business model is “live games online”, our team created individual portals for each live segment and worked directly with the program lead on all live design solutions.

Feb '03 to April '05- Art Director at
KeepMedia is an online content site with 150 different magazines, periodicals and newspapers. Partners include Business Week, USA Today and Mother Jones. (They have a new business model and a new name
Worked directly with CEO, VP of Technology and VP of Marketing on the creative needs of the company and establishing a logo and brand. Initially took the beta test design model and converted it into a real world solution. Established a design department to create and maintain the site; and cross platform marketing and advertising for KeepMedia as well as publishing partners and outside vendors.
Also worked with Louis Borders (of Borders Books), owner and new CEO, on a re-naming and re-branding campaign for the company.

‘04-‘05- Instructor, Graduate New Media Department, Academy of Arts
Taught Graduate New Media classes in Design research and Pre-thesis.

March '01 to June '01- Interim Art Director, was acquired by iVillage. Served as an Art Director to ease the transition and manage the creative department until the acquisition was finalized. Responsibilities included managing the design team and working closely with editorial as well as production divisions of the company.

Feb '98 to April '99- Part time Art Director, Phoenix Pop Productions
Involved in developing Creative Strategies for the company. Worked on several start-up client pitches. Art Director/designer for Productopia inc., Art Director as well as Project Manager on (web site for an Ad Agency in Austin.)

July '96 to Feb '98- Concept Designer, Studio Verso [bought by KPMG]
Designer of several sites including, Sony, Lucent Technologies and Edison Source. Designed the cover and made contributions to the content of the book, "Secrets of Successful Web Sites" by David Siegel author/chairman of the company.

May '96- Freelance Designer, Inscrutable Films - Los Angeles
Designed poster for Oscar Award winning short documentary by director Jessica Yu, "Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark 'OBrien"

Aug '94-April '95- Designer, Indika Entertainment Design - New York
Worked closely with art director on movie posters like Exotica, Queen Margot, Camilla, Mrs. Parker, Blue Sky and identity & promotion designs for Miramax, Hyperion, Tribeca Films, Fine Line Pictures. Worked closely with Indigo print houses, binders and paper companies. Designed a coffee table, long format, leather bound book of all the Miramax posters designed until 1994 for the founders of Miramax Pictures.


1992-1995- Masters in Communication Design - Pratt Institute, New York
Graduated with Honors. Awarded Pratt Institute Class of '95 Excellence Award for the successful completion of the Masters Thesis Project, "India a Nation in Transition". The final piece was a handmade book and a proposal to execute this book as a mobile exhibition and CD-ROM.

1990-1992- Post-Diploma in Visual Communications - M.S.University, India
Post-Diploma projection Poliomyelitis selected at the university in 1992
Post-Diploma project on Working for the Welfare of Women in India selected at the university in 1991

1984-1990- Diploma in Applied Arts - College of Fine Arts, India

Friday, 23 August 2013

New BlogHer site is up!

We recently update BlogHer website and here below is the before and after -


This is the After. 
The goal was to make more bloggers
visible. So in a quick scan you can see the 
depth of the content and it's network of 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Wisdom Tree Poster

The Wisdom Tree movie is going on the road now and the poster is ready to be put up in theaters. There are 3 versions of the poster. This one is the close up actors shot while the other two are more conceptual.

Friday, 3 May 2013

Sweet Thrills Bakeshop

I consulted with a dynamic duo for a logo for their new bake shop. I worked with them to create different scenarios which they then took to their designer to implement because I was busy on couple other deadlines.
This was a really fun project wish I had the time to stay with the project... but it doesn't always work that way.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Wisdom Tree Logo

Just finished working on the logo for the film. It's been delivered and now the director and producer are mulling over which one should be the final final.

Friday, 20 July 2012

Textures and Shapes

I'm always in need of textures and backgrounds for my projects and I do not like going to Getty Images or Corbis, I'd rather use something I have shot. Some textures and shapes from my recent trip to Italy.