Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Wisdom Tree

I designed some props for this movie which is to release soon. Book covers, CD cover, and web site. Props that were going to be used by the actors in the film.

Design option 1 for Book cover- From Knowhere to Nowhere

Design option 2 for Book cover- From Knowhere to Nowhere

Design option 3 for Book cover- From Knowhere to Nowhere

Design option 1 for Book cover- Who Am I

Design option 2 for Book cover- Who Am I

Final - From Knowhere to Nowhere

Final- Advances in Clinical Neuroscience

Final- Who Am I

CD cover

Logo options for a fictitious scientific company

Final Logo

Fictitious web site- Home Page

Fictitious web site- Secondary Page

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Book covers

My Father-in-law was a prolific writer. I designed the book covers for his following two books 

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Promo films in After effects

Here is an after effects teaser for a fictitious Bollywood Film

Kinsey Sicks was a documentary made by Eyethink Pictures. I did their promo card and this after effects movie was just a fun addition

These menus was created for MediaZone, the company where I was Creative Director in 2005

Monday, 22 March 2010

Movie Posters

Just Ryan I worked on this movie poster for Eyethink Pictures. This movie was about a young man coming out and accepting that he was gay and he spent a lot of time looking through classifieds for a date. The posters simplicity and starkness was meant to focus on that.
Organic Inc.An ad agency based in San Francisco needed to create an in-house employee referral campaign. This was aimed at young new hires.

Breathing Lessons
This poster was designed for an Oscar Winning Documentary Film Directed by Yessica Yu

These following 3 posters were designed at Indika NYC. I worked as a designer with Creative Director James Verdesoto. We worked closely with Miramax Films, Tribeca Films, New Line Cinema, and other film studios. I also worked on a beautiful hardbound book with all the posters designed for Miramax Films. This book was designed as a gift to Harvey Weinstein from his wife.