Monday, 22 March 2010

Movie Posters

Just Ryan I worked on this movie poster for Eyethink Pictures. This movie was about a young man coming out and accepting that he was gay and he spent a lot of time looking through classifieds for a date. The posters simplicity and starkness was meant to focus on that.
Organic Inc.An ad agency based in San Francisco needed to create an in-house employee referral campaign. This was aimed at young new hires.

Breathing Lessons
This poster was designed for an Oscar Winning Documentary Film Directed by Yessica Yu

These following 3 posters were designed at Indika NYC. I worked as a designer with Creative Director James Verdesoto. We worked closely with Miramax Films, Tribeca Films, New Line Cinema, and other film studios. I also worked on a beautiful hardbound book with all the posters designed for Miramax Films. This book was designed as a gift to Harvey Weinstein from his wife.

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